Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day Uno

So I started my Challenge a couple days late
I was having an emotional couple of days because of my last post.
So I allowed myself some time to recoup...
But good news is I should be ending my challenge on Halloween
The bad news I already have some big challenging days ahead of me :S
So I am already planning ahead for how I will handle them.
Here are my goals for the week:
1.No graham crackers and milk.
 (This is a big temptation of mine esp. on Mondays..
No husband. While the cats away the mice will play!
My dear husband is very good at his job of holding me accountable)
2. Drink 6 bottles of water a day. This will equal about 120 oz.
3. Only sleep 8 hours a night. Lately I've been sleeping so much at night.
Oversleeping is just as bad for you as not sleeping enough when it comes to loosing weight.
4. Exercise EVERYDAY. Something I already kind of do but, I have missed a couple days lately.
5.Track what I eat everyday.
Notice how none of my goals include loosing a certain amount of pounds?
I saw a video that really woke me up
 to the fact that measuring your success on the scale alone
just isn't the best.
So I've set some obtainable goals
If I loose weight..
If not I will feel successful by meeting these goals daily.
Along with weekly goals I am setting some goals I want to obtain by the end of September.
They are so far...
1. 20 boy push ups
2. Hold the plank for 5 min.
I'm pretty sure I'll be adding to those.
So with this challenge every Saturday I'll be posting some stats...
So I'll be able to keep myself motivated that I am making some changes.
Alright enough about goals!
Here is what I ate/will eat today.
First of all its fast Sunday so obviously I skipped breakfast and my mid morning snack
Lunch: Shakeology with frozen strawberries, half a banana and some milk
(385 calories)
English muffin with Jiff Natural peanut butter
(225 calories)
for a total of 610 calories all together:)
Afternoon snack: Wheat thins, Swiss cheese and a slice of turkey. My grown up lunchables:)
Plus a little bit of almonds
(377 calories)
Dinner: Insanity style Turkey burgers!!!
This is seriously the easiest recipe!
4 oz of ground turkey
2 Tbsp salsa
2 Tbsp red onion, chopped
(mix it all together and form into a patty. Grill or broil until cooked through.)
Served on an English muffin
with some green beans on the side.
(301 calories)
I'll follow dinner up with a walk with my favorite little boy and possibly my husband:)
So far I am only up to 2 bottles of H2O...better start drinking!
 Tomorrow I'll post some beginning stats...
I haven't stepped on the scale in weeks.
Time to face the music!
See Ya'll tomorrow!

Oh real quick my five things!!!
1. I love my eyes!
2. I love my straight teeth that my parents so lovingly paid for:)
3. I love my small nose
4. I love my laugh. Even though its really loud and embarrassing sometimes
5. I love my ghetto booty
...I think I could be a bit smaller but, at least I don't have a flat one like Miley!

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  1. I love your blog ps! :) I miss seeing you & I love all the goals you have for yourself. You look so skinny girl!! :) Next time you're down, let me know :)