Tuesday, September 10, 2013

{6, 7, 8, 9 & 10}

So my first weekend on the challenge was rough
I stayed up late watching the Great Gatsby
Good movie...wouldn't say my favorite but, it was good.
And then the next day we watched Now You See Me
GREAT movie!
Seriously did not see the twist
but everyone says that.
I did fairly good with eating until my brother left
then I hopped on the computer
(He left at about noon)
Next thing I knew it was 6 o clock!
Oy...Technology is so addicting.
So basically I ate breakfast and dinner on Saturday.
Not good for my metabolism.
Then I spent the weekend trying to catch up...
I didn't work out on Saturday either.
I am a bad example:(
Then yesterday on my night alone
I indulged on some graham crackers and milk...
I broke my 2 week record so now I must start all over.
So basically I decided that I am not really going to tell you everything I ate
its going to get so boring
so I'll just tell you that I
ate about 1400 calories today
I did Pure Cardio and then Core Attack from Combat!
I was dripping in sweat!!!
So over a 552 calories
(light housework included in there)
And I am feeling pretty proud of myself.
Tomorrow I am heading down to my parents ward
Relief Society
Ice cream and cake social.
Apparently daughters are invited and my Mom invited me:)
I'm not going to turn down spending time with my mom!
Although I am walking into a danger zone
I have come up with a game plan..
first I am calling a double dip Wednesday
I am doing insanity and pump in the morning
More calories burned=more calories to eat!
instead of just going into it saying I'm not going to have anything
I am thinking about bringing either
a Shakeology
allowing myself a very small piece of cake and 1 scoop of ice cream.
I haven't fully decided...
I am excited to get out of the house though!
The hubby is babysitting
good luck hunny;)
jk I know he'll do a fabulous job.
Anyways I'll let you know how it goes!

Tonight for dinner we had Healthy Burritos
So easy
Black beans, cheddar cheese, 1 green pepper, 1 red pepper, tomatoes and a tortilla.
Pile on tortilla
(I'm too tired and lazy to actually write down how much you put on)
Microwave for a few seconds and Viola!
It really does taste good trust me!
My carnivore hubby even said so:)

5 Things:
1. I love my facial animation
2. I love my small ears:)
3. I love my calloused feet ( they show my years of dance.
 I worked hard for them callouses so that I could turn barefoot!)
4. I love my smile
5. I love my tendency to worry. Even though it can get in the way of having fun sometimes...
I feel that its good to think things through most of the time before you jump in.

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