Monday, February 25, 2013

The bigger picture.

So I have really been struggling to avoid sweets
and I realized while looking through some of my old posts
that I say that a lot
a lot
a lot
a lot.
I've been thinking..
 what is holding me back from not fully committing?
I believe its because I can't fully visualize myself achieving my goals.
So last night while I was wallowing in self pity
This thought occurred to me.
I imagined what I would do when I stepped on the scale
and saw
135 lbs!
I would probably cry
I cry a lot
but these tears would be the good kind.
I would be crying because I finally achieved it!
Because I knew how hard I had worked for it.
It was a great feeling and I kept thinking about that feeling
until I fell asleep.
I think that this is something that I am going to remember when I am wanting something that isn't going to help me achieve my goals.
However, you cannot just give up everything.
Its okay to have a sweet every now and again.
If you completely deprive yourself that's when
the big CRAVINGS happen.
So I am setting a small goal for myself.
I have a friends wedding coming up in a few weeks.
If I can make it just 3 weeks I can have
a small treat
at their wedding.
I believe that I can do it!
I just have to remember how good it'll feel to achieve my goals!
Now on top of that I have to share that I lost 2.6 lbs!!!
I now weigh 147.8 lbs!!!
I am getting there slowly
but, very surely!
I haven't had this weight since high school!
Its been 9 years.
That's a long time.
Isn't it crazy how its so easy to gain weight but so hard to take it off?
I guess that saying "Fat lasts longer than taste"
is definitely so true.
I am so proud of myself.
I know that if I can do it..
you can too!
Its not easy for me at all.
And it shouldn't be.
It would be easy to save up money and get lipo
but I wouldn't be satisfied because I wouldn't have
earned it.
Guys, working for it is SO worth it!
You can do it keep it up!
Just keep thinking of the bigger picture
How good you'll feel when you acomplish what you've been working for
It takes some of us years...
But a few years compared to a longer, fuller life
is nothing!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dreams and Shakeology

Lately I have been having lots of dreams
about eating...
no not just eating
on sweets!!
Somehow a snickers bar is always a part of it...
And when I wake up I'm not necessarily craving sweets
I almost feel satisfied
like I've already had some???
Its weird.
Hopefully I am not sleep eating! ;)
Its been very interesting.
These last few days have been hard on me though.
I have given in to my hedonistic hunger
(the hunger that tells you that you should eat it even though your not necessarily hungry)
I have had a lot more junk than I am used to..
Hey, everyone is human.
But I haven't been feeling so down on myself..
Do you know why?
Its because I know that if I slip up
I can get back on the wagon IMMEDIATELY!
I also have been feelin fantastic lately
and I'll tell you why...
(stepping up on my soapbox now)
Seriously people
This stuff is legit!
I have felt so so so so good
ever since I started drinking it.
I have lots of energy
I feel it mostly durning my workouts
I am able to push myself a lot harder and longer.
And I've lost weight...
Like maybe 3-4 pounds.
Nothing official
I missed WW weigh ins last week cause I had to work.
I don't trust my scale at home completely.
BUT according to that scale I am in the 140s!!!
This stuff is so healthy for you
and it keeps me full for hours. 
If you don't believe me listen to these doctors
There are 100 of them
all advocates of shakeology!
Now when you go to look for how much it is...
it seems really expensive.
But think about how much you would spend on a meal at McDonalds or Wendy's
$5-$8? Right?
Well when you break down the price of Shakeology per day it comes to just
wait for it
$4 per meal!!!
Thats killer!
Plus if it helps you feel, look and be healthier
then isn't worth it?
I honestly think all of you should be considering it
especially if your trying to lose weight.
Let me know and I will help you get some.
Well as my friends from Combat say
Keep it real and Stay with the Fight!!

Friday, February 8, 2013


That is how this past week has felt.
It seriously flew by
probably because it was so crazy full of stuff!
I have been successful at working out every single day this week
not so successful at drinking the amount of water I want
nor have I been successful at tracking.
I was also successful at not eating anything
sweet or fattening
at the Super Bowl party I went to!
How did you do?
It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.
I was thinking..."I could have a piece of pizza
if I wanted
but, how will that make me feel after I eat it?"
Plus, I feel that a big part of my success is that
I made the decision to stay to healthy snacks.
The most fattening stuff I ate was trail mix
minus the M&Ms
I gladly gave them away:)
I also knew that I had had a really good workout the day before.
I wouldn't want to let all my hard work go to waste.
I also had the opportunity to try out some Cross Fit
with my dear friend Whitney Teuscher:)
I was humbled.
It was leg day(LASS short for legs and ass)
 and all things considering I think I did fairly well!
The coach Orlando told me after the class that
I would want to take an ice bath when I got home
I thought really?
I mean come on I wont be that sore.
The next morning I was like
Pfft who needs a ice bath?
Because I really wasn't that sore.
As the day went on though...
I could hardly walk by the time I went to bed.
That's what I get for getting cocky!
Any who amidst all of this I signed up to be a
Beachbody Coach!
I am so excited.
As you all know I am very passionate about fitness
It is a new found love of mine
but its roots go a lot deeper than one would think.
You see my beautiful mother is obese.
(Sorry mom there just isn't another way to put it)
I love her so dearly.
She has struggled for most of her life to find happiness with herself.
When she was younger she pretty much tried every fad diet out there.
From starvation to Jenny Craig.
Killing her metabolism.
Growing up I became very afraid that I was going to
end up like her.
and until recently I was very much on that same trail.
One of the biggest motivations for me
is to be a good example to her.
I feel that if she sees how successful I have become
that maybe one day she will be brave enough to start
down her road to health.
She is a very busy woman so she struggles with
taking time for herself.
I know there are many women out there that have the same struggles that she has.
I hope that as I am trying to help her
I can help others as well.
I cannot stress enough how important it is to take care of yourself.
It is the reason I am able to do everything I want to.
If you wanna start living a healthy and more fulfilling life
write me on facebook or visit my site
The challenge packs are definitely the best deal they have
Although it seems expensive just think about the fact that in the long run it really
isn't so much.
Because you get to keep the workouts you love forever.
Also, I know most of you think that home workouts are for the 80s
These workouts are stuff they teach in gyms all over
so why not take them from the comfort of your own home?
You also wont have to worry so much about "looking good" if you care for any of that.
I will be starting a 10 day fitness challenge at the beginning of March also
so if you wanna take a step towards being healthy
but are unsure of how or when you should start...
just let me know and we can get you started!

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Today is my weigh in day
But, I am skipping it because
This will be the first time in
3 years! Holy moly!
So since I would have posted
 about my weigh in
All the fun things I learned at Weight Watchers
I thought I would instead leave you with something I learned from a
YouTube video
I watched yesterday...
It was about cross fit
Which by the way I wanna do so bad!
It has replaced my desire to try pole dancing.
Them girls are fo reals!
Anyways one of the girls on the video said
That she used to work out to be
But, she was never happy with how she looked.
So she came up to the conclusion that
If she set performance goals
Such as I wanna bench press 120
Or in my case
20 pull-ups
Haha I can't do one at the moment!
Anyways she said she was able to reach those goals easier and felt more satisfied with her progress.
Now I didn't hear this at first
Luckily my sweet husband heard it
And pointed it out to me
I feel like that is great advice for anyone
Smaller goals are easier to reach to get you to
Your ultimate goal.
Even if is something as small as drinking more water
And less soda!
Its by the small things that great things are accomplished!
Another thing to remember
It won't happen overnight
So we all have to keep working
One small step at a time!