Monday, September 2, 2013


Okay guys I've almost made it through day two!
So here's what I ate
Breakfast: English muffin, natural PB, a hard boiled egg and 1 egg white.
(312 Cals)
Mid-morning snack: 1 cup of Zoi Greek yogurt {Plain fat-free} with a tsp of honey
and 1/8 cup of almonds.
(250 cals)
Lunch: Turkey and cheese sandwhich
(327 cals)
Afternoon snack: Wheat thin crackers, turkey and cheese
(275 cals)
Dinner: Shakeology with milk and strawberries
(350 cals)
SIDE NOTE: I'm pretty sure you are going to have what I eat memorized...
I eat the same thing pretty much everyday...
Which could get boring for most but, I read somewhere that
when trying to loose weight its actually helpful because you
how many calories you're eating for a fact.
So to save you the boredom however, I'll probably just start saying
something like I ate the usual:)
All together that's 1514 calories.
Yeah this is not a starve myself for 60 days type of thing:)
I have actually really been struggling with eating enough.
My inner anorexic is killing me...
I did a month of INSANITY before this and I was getting really frustrated
because I wasn't really loosing weight...
Then I looked at the nutrition guide and I found out that I was supposed to be eating
1700-1900 cals a day!!
I was only eating about 1200...
WAY under
Which by the way is just as bad as overeating.
The main program I am doing now recommends 1400 cals
I am going to meet somewhere in the middle.
Now I bet you all are wondering what I am doing for exercise?
I am doing a hybrid of sorts
with yoga once or twice a week:)
I am pretty sure everyone knows what INSANITY is so here is a video of PUMP
Since I am trying to focus more on how I look rather than weight
I felt it would be good to build and tone.
Its true that muscle weighs more than fat but its also a lot more lean.
 And lean is good!
Today I did Pump and Shred
45 minutes of lifting and squatting!
According to my fitness pal I burned
156 cals
But the good thing about weight training is you
 to burn throughout the day!
I also cleaned the house which I count as moderate exercise:)
2 hours of that gives me 337 calories burned
So far so good!
Tomorrow I get my dose of Shaun T!
I am hecka nervous because I might die!!!
Okay here is the scary part of this post...
Weight: 148.6
BF weight: 40.4
BF %: 27%
Chest: 36"
L Arm: 11 3/8"
R Arm: 11 3/8"
Waist: 32"
L Leg: 21 3/8"
R Leg: 21"
Hips: 41'
I would post pictures but, my camera broke...Go figure!
1. I like my smile
2. I love my hair although its thin, I love that its straight!
3. I love that I love to have fun and dance around the house
4. I love my small forearms ( that's for my hubby)
5. I love my curvy figure
Final side note my heart truly goes out to the family of Sgt. Johnson!
I flat out bawled when I watched the news yesterday...
And I almost had a freak out because my hubby was 2 hours late from work! HA!
Here I am telling everyone knowing that he'll be safe and then one day it all goes away!
I really am a loony!
See ya'll tomorrow:)

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