Monday, February 25, 2013

The bigger picture.

So I have really been struggling to avoid sweets
and I realized while looking through some of my old posts
that I say that a lot
a lot
a lot
a lot.
I've been thinking..
 what is holding me back from not fully committing?
I believe its because I can't fully visualize myself achieving my goals.
So last night while I was wallowing in self pity
This thought occurred to me.
I imagined what I would do when I stepped on the scale
and saw
135 lbs!
I would probably cry
I cry a lot
but these tears would be the good kind.
I would be crying because I finally achieved it!
Because I knew how hard I had worked for it.
It was a great feeling and I kept thinking about that feeling
until I fell asleep.
I think that this is something that I am going to remember when I am wanting something that isn't going to help me achieve my goals.
However, you cannot just give up everything.
Its okay to have a sweet every now and again.
If you completely deprive yourself that's when
the big CRAVINGS happen.
So I am setting a small goal for myself.
I have a friends wedding coming up in a few weeks.
If I can make it just 3 weeks I can have
a small treat
at their wedding.
I believe that I can do it!
I just have to remember how good it'll feel to achieve my goals!
Now on top of that I have to share that I lost 2.6 lbs!!!
I now weigh 147.8 lbs!!!
I am getting there slowly
but, very surely!
I haven't had this weight since high school!
Its been 9 years.
That's a long time.
Isn't it crazy how its so easy to gain weight but so hard to take it off?
I guess that saying "Fat lasts longer than taste"
is definitely so true.
I am so proud of myself.
I know that if I can do it..
you can too!
Its not easy for me at all.
And it shouldn't be.
It would be easy to save up money and get lipo
but I wouldn't be satisfied because I wouldn't have
earned it.
Guys, working for it is SO worth it!
You can do it keep it up!
Just keep thinking of the bigger picture
How good you'll feel when you acomplish what you've been working for
It takes some of us years...
But a few years compared to a longer, fuller life
is nothing!

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