Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rants about the world today and eating.

 First off sorry I have been MIA for the past month.
Its been crazy busy with my husband receiving a job
and looking for houses.
With all the hustle and bustle its been really hard to maintain my goals
for the most part I do okay
but there have been days I find myself falling back into my old habits.
I can't let this excuse of being so stressed ruin my goals.

So the other day while trolling facebook I saw this picture. 
 This is the Famous Marilyn Monroe.
 One of the worlds most sexy women.
Now someone in the comments said that this was photo shopped to prove a point
that she really was a small person...
Okay small or not
she still doesn't look like the models we see today.
She was 5'5" and she was beautiful.
What made her so beautiful was her confidence.
I think that lesson is something that every girl should take to heart.
Its not about what dress size you are
what you look like naked.
Its about learning to love yourself.
I thing that is the best part about a weight loss journey.
It takes so long because you have to learn to love who you are
not just the way you look but, who you are as a person.

The first time I saw this picture and read the cation.
I thought to myself
Why are we so obsessed with appearance that its all we think about?
Yes, we have a HUGE obesity problem that is going global
but, obsessing over the way you look isn't going to bring you happiness.
If we stopped worrying about what others thought of us
or stopped trying to be someone we are not then
we will never be happy with ourselves.

Change of subject..
I have noticed that when I screw up in my eating
I tend to think that I should eat less of the healthier stuff to make up for the calories.
That is so bad for you.
Your body needs the nutrients.
and starving yourself isn't going to help.
I know a lot of people (girls)
that think that starving yourself of nutrients is the only way to lose the weight.
Girls, girls, girls...
This is the worst way to shed those pounds.
You will lose the weight but, as soon as you stop your
you will gain the weight back and more.
The only way to loose the weight and keep it off is to

I have gone from eating 3 meals a day to eating 5
and let me tell you something.
Eating 5 small meals a day
Not only does it help your metabolism but, I literally am never

If you don't believe me her is some more info
from an adorable lady that I follow.
She is everything that I aspire to be.
Healthy and happy.
And guess what ladies...
she doesn't starve herself to look that way.
She goes to Red Mango just about every week too:)
I thought that what she said there was really insightful.
Give it a shot I promise you won't regret it!

Okay on a lighter note...

Here are my before and after photos for
Les Mills Combat!
Over all I lost 8 inches off my body
2 inches off my waist
(that's the measurement everyone cares about right?)
and a total of 10 lbs lost!
My results would have been better if I had followed the nutrition guide better.
But I will be doing that with my next program
Which I have already started and I am so sore!
Keep it up guys and you too will see results!
It doesn't happen overnight!
I have been working hard for
to get to this point.
I fit into a size 6 pants...
I don't even know when I was last a size 6...
when I first started my journey my goal was to fit into a size 8
which was my size as a junior.
But I have surpassed that!
My point is...
keep going and you never know what you'll achieve.


  1. I think I have those same shorts! And to go along with the theme of your post, in your second picture you look better, but as fit and fab as you look (and you look great!), the difference that stands out to me is in your smile. You look happy and confident. Love you Sarah!

  2. I don't swear but this deserves a "Hell Ya!". You are amazing amazing amazing! I hope you love your new house and enjoy living in Ogden.
    Thanks for being an inspiration!