Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dreams and Shakeology

Lately I have been having lots of dreams
about eating...
no not just eating
on sweets!!
Somehow a snickers bar is always a part of it...
And when I wake up I'm not necessarily craving sweets
I almost feel satisfied
like I've already had some???
Its weird.
Hopefully I am not sleep eating! ;)
Its been very interesting.
These last few days have been hard on me though.
I have given in to my hedonistic hunger
(the hunger that tells you that you should eat it even though your not necessarily hungry)
I have had a lot more junk than I am used to..
Hey, everyone is human.
But I haven't been feeling so down on myself..
Do you know why?
Its because I know that if I slip up
I can get back on the wagon IMMEDIATELY!
I also have been feelin fantastic lately
and I'll tell you why...
(stepping up on my soapbox now)
Seriously people
This stuff is legit!
I have felt so so so so good
ever since I started drinking it.
I have lots of energy
I feel it mostly durning my workouts
I am able to push myself a lot harder and longer.
And I've lost weight...
Like maybe 3-4 pounds.
Nothing official
I missed WW weigh ins last week cause I had to work.
I don't trust my scale at home completely.
BUT according to that scale I am in the 140s!!!
This stuff is so healthy for you
and it keeps me full for hours. 
If you don't believe me listen to these doctors
There are 100 of them
all advocates of shakeology!
Now when you go to look for how much it is...
it seems really expensive.
But think about how much you would spend on a meal at McDonalds or Wendy's
$5-$8? Right?
Well when you break down the price of Shakeology per day it comes to just
wait for it
$4 per meal!!!
Thats killer!
Plus if it helps you feel, look and be healthier
then isn't worth it?
I honestly think all of you should be considering it
especially if your trying to lose weight.
Let me know and I will help you get some.
Well as my friends from Combat say
Keep it real and Stay with the Fight!!

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