Saturday, February 2, 2013


Today is my weigh in day
But, I am skipping it because
This will be the first time in
3 years! Holy moly!
So since I would have posted
 about my weigh in
All the fun things I learned at Weight Watchers
I thought I would instead leave you with something I learned from a
YouTube video
I watched yesterday...
It was about cross fit
Which by the way I wanna do so bad!
It has replaced my desire to try pole dancing.
Them girls are fo reals!
Anyways one of the girls on the video said
That she used to work out to be
But, she was never happy with how she looked.
So she came up to the conclusion that
If she set performance goals
Such as I wanna bench press 120
Or in my case
20 pull-ups
Haha I can't do one at the moment!
Anyways she said she was able to reach those goals easier and felt more satisfied with her progress.
Now I didn't hear this at first
Luckily my sweet husband heard it
And pointed it out to me
I feel like that is great advice for anyone
Smaller goals are easier to reach to get you to
Your ultimate goal.
Even if is something as small as drinking more water
And less soda!
Its by the small things that great things are accomplished!
Another thing to remember
It won't happen overnight
So we all have to keep working
One small step at a time!

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  1. Have fun snowboarding! I really want to be able to do pull ups too! I can't do any, but I haven't consistently worked on it either. Someday, I'll do it, someday.