Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mid-week Checkup

So today was extra rough on me
It was super stressful...
I don't do well with eating when I am stressed.
Yes, I have realized that I shouldn't eat my feelings.
I am working on that.
So the day started out so good..
I had a great workout!
I really pushed myself so hard my arms felt like rubber 
because I was punching so hard.
But the stresses of the day really got to me
crying baby 
new brakes 
registering my car
helping my husband apply for jobs
I cracked..
had a peice or two of candy...
It happens to all of us!
Even the strongest of us sometimes fall
When I give into my cravings I typically tend to shut down 
and feel really bad about myself.
I will tend to look at myself in the mirror that night and tell myself I am so fat
and that I will never get to where I want to be.
The same thing I have done for years
Being a dancer I would always feel bigger 
than all the other girls I was constantly around. 
It really did a number on my self esteem.
I would always dream that I looked like them and it only got worse
I started gaining weight the summer between my junior and senior year.
I wanted the nice body but I wasn't willing to work for it..
I  have come to realize that I wasn't fat
Something thousands of women dream of having.
I have also realized that like Dan says in Combat
"People aren't born with fantastic bodies
Fantastic bodies are made!"
I would hear the girls that I envied talk about working out
It just never sunk in..
until now.

I started working towards a great body 3 years ago 
and I am going to continue to work for that goal.
Even after I reach my goals I will continue to work to maintain it.
Its a lifestyle change not just for the here and now but for the rest of my life.
Some of you may think that
watching what I eat for the rest of my life seems like I won't be living
but, if eating healthy means that I'll live a longer and fuller life
I'll for sure be eating celery instead of cake!

Now that I have had a rough day I need to stop telling myself 
that I could never have the body I want.
Positive thinking is a big part of weight loss.
I have come a long way and I really don't have that far to go
I have committed to a lifestyle that will help me acheive my goals.
I will keep working towards them.
To start my positve thinking and to increase my self esteem
I am going to start telling myself 3 things
being either changes or parts that I like about my body
each day.
Here are my 3 things for the day:
1. I love my eyes!
 They are a great shape and size and I love making them look extra big for pictures:)
Makes me feel like I look prettier...?
2. I love my small wrists and ankles.
It reminds me that I can be a small person.
3. I love my cuves!
I love feeling like a woman!

What are your 3 things?


  1. I remember comparing myself to girls during my years dancing too. Why do we do that? No we're not all the same and that's okay! We aren't in competition with one another. You are so smart to work on your thinking patterns instead of just physical stuff! Love you Sarah! Good job only eating a few candies on a hard day instead of candies, chips, cookies, soda, etc.! You're amazing!

  2. Oh man, you've totally summed up my feels of late! I was recently looking over old high school photos and was thinking "I can't believe I thought I was fat then!" I'm glad you're blogging about this, it motivates me to keep working on my own routine. And for the record, when we first met I thought you were stunning! Still do :)