Monday, January 28, 2013


Mondays are always rough
Mainly because Sundays are my rest days
And me and my husband always have the best intentions of getting up at
4:30 am...
But, it never happens.
Probably because we stay up so late on Friday and Saturday
that even though we go to bed super early on Sunday night
we need makeup sleep...
Why so early you ask?
Well we are doing sort of a double workout
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
And in order to get our 2 hour workout in
before my hubby goes to work we need to get up that early!
Here are the work outs we are doing.
Les Mills COMBAT


I am a huge fan of the beachbody workouts.
I did INSANITY earlier this year
and LOVED it!!!
But it was super killer on my knees
which were already bad because of my years of dance...
I mean I couldn't sit down without wincing
it was that bad.
I loved Insanity a lot but, I love Les Mills COMBAT
Even more!!!
Its so much fun I don't even feel like I am working out!
Let me tell you more about it...
Les Mills is a program that comes from
New Zealand.
They were famous runners...
Olympic atheletes and when they
"retired" they decided to open up a gym
They created the Les Mils Pump program which has spread everywhere!
They teach it in gyms all over the world!
And now they've created this body combat program
its basically a MMA style workout..
so you're punching and kicking
and its just so much fun!
I am usually dripping in sweat after!
We decided to add on P90X
for the weight training aspect.
Cardio is really good but the only way to
change the shape of your body you need to lift some weights.
Tony Horton bugs the crap out of me though.
So I usually silence him and pump up some music!
I know some of you may find him inspirational..
but he just doesn't do it for me...
Its probrably because he tells us its okay to hit pause.
No Tony I want you to tell me to keep pushing through!
Anyway the thing I love most about doing the beachbody workouts is...
That I get to stay home!
I highly recommend it for all Mommies out there.
I try to wake up before my baby does because working out with him 
crawling around only makes things harder.
but I love that I don't have to find a sitter or leave the house to workout.
I can do it while he is sleeping and then when he wakes up
I get to spend all the time I want with him!
I am actually going to become a beachbody coach within the next few weeks..
so hit me up if you want/need anything!
I leave you with a commercial for COMBAT!


  1. Bahaha! I love the part where you say, you don't like him telling you to push pause. I think all workout videos can get annoying. The instructors can be inspirational, but after a few days you're like okay, shut up, let's do this! That's awesome that you and Kyle workout together! How fun!

    1. Haha Tiff thats why Les Mills rocks cause you can choose the option to pump up the music instead of listening to them talk! They play really good songs too like Fall Out Boy and Sean Kingston!