Monday, May 20, 2013


I am back!!
Sorry I have been MIA for the past few weeks.
We bought a home in Ogden and have moved!
I can't believe it actually happened.
So with all the stress and craziness of moving I had to kinda put some things aside...such as blogging.
I did pretty well however on keeping up with my exercising...
the week of moving!
I was so busy packing that I put exercising aside
I didn't eat too terribly well either!
(Side note: Did you know that with moving; packing boxes and lifting them everywhere you burn THOUSANDS of calories?!? No wonder you are always starving when that stuff is happening)
With that being said no wonder I didn't gain too much!
I kinda balanced myself out...
Problem was after we were in and settled I had THE hardest time finding
to workout.
I found myself falling into old habits of munching until I felt sick.
Good thing we don't have any ice cream in the house.
All I had to munch on were my son's treats: Crackers, fruit snacks etc.
Not the worst type of treats but definitely not helping towards my weight loss.
During last week I felt so lethargic and chunky!!
I knew I had to get back into the groove of things but I didn't feel like I had the energy to do that.
Because of the lack of energy I found myself thinking that I'll never reach my goals.
These 10 lbs are going to be soooo hard to lose.
because I just keep hovering around 143-146...
I am on what we call a plateau.
So whats my plan of attack?
I'll tell you
Last year I ran my first ever 5K
It was amazing to know that I could run that far
 seeing as how I used to hate running so bad!
For real
It was the worst.
After I ran it though I found myself craving to run more.
I set a goal to run a 10K this 4th of July.
So with all this non exercising I failed to realize that
the 4th of July is only in 6.5 short weeks!
I am no where near ready!
So I made myself a little training planner..
( I would show a pic but I am currently without Internet)
and today I started!
I will be running 8 miles this week and work my way up to 12 miles/week.
My new game plan comes with my new training regimen:
I am going to start focusing more on performance goals instead of weight.
I am so stuck on loosing weight that I have completely forgotten
to have fun!
Life is more than a number on a scale!
I am sad that I let myself get so obsessed with weight
Someone very smart
(My amazing Husband)
Once told me that if I focus on performance goals the rest will fall into place!
I will start loving the way I look along the way
For now, however, I am focusing on the finish line!

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